Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You!! Thank YOU!!

There are so many people who have journeyed along with us in pursuing our children from Ethiopia as well as supported us generously in so many ways, so when everyone heard about the opportunity to provide items for us to bring over to Ethiopia with us, once again, the blessings were heaped upon us! As an adoptive family, we are required to bring with us $200 worth of humanitarian aid for the many orphanages in Ethiopia and since I used to sell died and appliqued onesies, we had packed 200 of them for our part of the humanitarian aid. However, our church (GRBC) began collecting items and several friends collected items as well and we were able to take 3 large 18 gallon Rubbermaid bins plus one large duffel bag full of items for the orphanages!!! We were overwhelmed with everyone's willingness to serve and now the orphanages will be filled with these items:
  • 394 diapers
  • 20 pairs of shoes
  • 3 children's bowls
  • 15 baby bottles
  • 4 brown baby dolls
  • 3 tubes of Desitin
  • 1668 baby wipes
  • 6 Brainquest sets
  • 1 Papasan musical baby swing
  • 3 umbrellas (for taking the sick children to the doctor during rainy season)
  • 39 little girls' panties
  • 25 little boys' underwear
  • 3 bins of baby & children's clothing (before we put them into spacebags!)
  • 1 can of formula
  • 153 pairs of socks
  • 200 onesies
  • 16 paperback books (for the Kolfe older boys orphanage)
  • 9 handmade bookmarks (my friend, Sheri's, children made them to go with the books!)
  • 1 WeeSong music set
  • 72 small tubes of toothpaste
  • 86 child-size toothbrushes

All of these items are so needed in the orphanages and we are so honored to be able to deliver these wonderful gifts that we know will be greatly appreciated by the In-country staff, the caregivers as well as the precious children who will most importantly benefit from all of your generosity!!

Thank you does not begin to express our appreciation for all of you who made this possible!!

P.S. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Jai Pothulari, generously donated 72 of the toothbrushes and 72 tubes of toothpaste without any hesitation when he found out about the need for dental care in the orphanages, so please don't hesitate to ask your child's dentist, pediatrician or any other offices or companies who could help provide necessary items! You may never know who would be willing to help if you don't ask!!

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